Packaging Design.

Packaging is as important as the product itself. Research has show that over 70% of purchase decisions are made at point of sale!

Good design will add perceived value to your products and consumers buy into the image, values and desires that your brand portrays. We understand that first impressions count. This is why it’s so important to make sure your visual presence is right. We will always consider your budget, price point and demographic when designing packaging for your products in order to deliver packaging designs that appeal and attract your target audience, that are clearly distinguishable, and make the best use of the materials available.

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Creative Solutions.

Packaging is where all your branding and messaging comes to life in a physical form. Our designers will always take the time to learn about your business and consider your budget, price point and demographic.

Packaging Design.

Good branding and package design adds perceived value to a product. We create packaging which balances functionality, information and beauty.

Label Design.

Creating labels for beer and wine bottles, plastic drink bottles, glass cosmetic bottles, jars and various other containers. If you need durable, water resistant labels, we can advise which printing techniques you should consider.

Surface Design.

The right pattern on the right product creates instant chemistry between your products and your consumer. Differentiate yourself from your competitors with unique surface patterns and illustrations.

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